TFS - Professional Facilities Management Support Services in the UK


Managing Your Systems

TFS Provide Support And Management For A Range Of Facility Types

Commercial Facilities

Commercial Facilities

    • Offices
    • Warehouses
    • Investment Properties
    • Distribution Centres
    • Manufacturing Centres
Education facilities

Education Facilities

    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Universities
    • Day Care
Residential Facilities

Residential Facilities

    • Houses
    • Residential Complexes
    • Care Homes
Retail Facilities

Retail Facilities

    • Supermarkets
    • Shops
    • Cinemas
    • Sports Arenas
    • Stadiums
    • Music/Concert arenas
Public Facilities

Public Facilities

    • Government buildings
    • Churches
    • Hospitals
    • Police Stations
TFS Sanitisation

Facilities Sanitisation

  • Reduce the spread of disease
  • Keep employees and customers healthy

Discover How TFS Facilities Management Can Help Your Business:


Asset Management

  • Full site asset verification during first service visit audit
  • We will provide full building asset data
  • Location of assets, make, model, health report
  • Asset data uploaded into LIVE portal and asset numbered
  • Asset compliance management via PPM management in portal

Reduce Running Costs

  • Reduce insurance premiums due to better security for property and stock
  • Reduce heating costs with efficient air conditioning and heating systems as well as automatic doors
  • Regular maintenance to industry standards reduces breakdowns

Prevent Audit Fails

  • Full asset verification
  • Scheduled maintenance to ensure asset compliance
  • Audit trail via reports and certification

Protect Revenue

  • Comfortable customers are more likely to stay longer
  • Ensure customer footfall does not drop due to broken access points
  • Reduce employee sickness days through sanitisation and a comfortable and safe work environment

Improve Security

  • Prevent break ins
  • Prevent window and property damage
  • Employee work hours can be tracked

Reduce Catastrophic Damage

  • Reduce the spread of fire damage should the worst happen
  • TFS Offer Both Installation And Maintenance For:


    Roller Shutter Doors


    Retail & Commercial Automatic Doors

    • Automatic Doors For Shops Or Offices
    • Sliding Automatic Doors
    • Automatic Door Repairs

    Access Automatic Barriers & Turnstiles

    • Control And Record Traffic Flow To And From Site
    • Automatic Barrier Repairs

    Security Gates

    • Employee And Visitor Access Gates
    • Metal Security Gates
    • Front Door Security Gates

    Building Fabric Services

    • All aspects of roofing including lagging
    • Drone surveying
    • Internal and Externals building fabrication repairs
    • Solar Panels install and maintenance


    • Air Conditioning service for UK Commercial or Home and Ductwork Services
    • Wall hung for floor standing boilers in a range of sizes
    • Plumbing and pipe works
    • BMS systems

    Fire Stopping Services

  • Active And Passive Fire Protection
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    Sanitisation Services

    • Our unique sanitisation units and products ensure your always working with the latest ground breaking technology in an uncertain world


    TFS Ltd carry out – Maintenance, Call Outs, Repairs, Upgrade and Manufacture of all Manual, Automatic and Fire Shutters on a national basis.



    TFS supporting their public client’s automatic, revolving, sliding and fire doors. We also cover Automatic and manual Barriers and Gates. All shutter types are also support on a national basis.



    Odeon Cinemas

    TFS supporting Roller and fire shutters on a national basis. Services delivered – PPM service, call out, repair, upgrade and manufacture


    Gov FS

    TFS supporting automatic access systems, barriers, gates, manual and automatic shutters of all types including fire shutters. TFS is also covering as standard fire walls and wall curtains.